10 Celebs Who Are Still Stunning Without Makeup

There is something oddly gratifying about seeing celebrities without makeup. After constantly being dolled up, a makeup-free celebrity embracing her natural beauty is a refreshing sight.

While it’s true that some stars look gorgeous even when they wear no make-up, more often than not they need professional make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists to ensure that they look the way they do.


It’s not unlike the dramatic make over photographs the glossy women’s magazines feature, to show their readers what well-done make-up and a professional hairdo can achieve.

Without make-up, many stars look as ordinary as any other woman. Others still look glamorous as you will see from these photographs, many of which they posted on Instagram themselves.

10. Beyonce

Singer Beyonce Knowles, 32, often utilizes social networks to give her fans and the rest of the world an inside look into who she is beyond the veil of her superstar status.


Knowles, admittedly, “a train wreck in the morning … a host of imperfections,” as she expresses in “Flaws and All,” is an inspiration to women juggling a family and a demanding career, and still maintaining their beauty.

10 Celebs Who Are Still Stunning Without Makeup

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