12 People Who Lost 50+ Pounds Share Their Best Advice

Real tips you can put into practice to help you lose weight from people who have made epic lifestyle changes.

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1. Make healthy changes one at a time and build on each one.











“I started walking home from work … a 3.5-mile walk. I did this for six months and then started eating healthy: I cut out all sugar, all processed foods, and then a year into walking home three to five days a week I hired a personal trainer and started lifting weights and doing circuit training (weights, push-ups, squats, etc.) and interval training (sprints).Take it slow in the beginning: Build a routine into your schedule that you can commit to. I stopped buying my bus pass home so I had to walk home. Once you have a routine you can try building upon it — add in healthy food or start lifting weights.

Keep changing it up and adding in new challenges to push yourself.”

—Signe Heffernan (lost 126 pounds in about two years)

2. Take advice but follow your gut.










“There are so many ‘experts’ out there in the health and fitness industry. It is imperative that you do research and try different workouts and meal plans. What I have found is that every single person is different, and we all react and benefit from certain things in a different way. Having said that, keep in mind that no one knows your body more than yourself — and not everyone on the internet is an expert.

Find your niche, and own it.”

—Hunter Montgomery, 28 (lost 105 pounds in a year)

3. If cardio sucks, find something else that you love.










“The biggest revelation I’ve had is that cardio sucks. Cardio REALLY sucks when you are 275 pounds; it makes you feel really bad about yourself. A friend introduced me to strength training and I fell in love with it. It was doable at my heaviest weight and I realized I was kind of strong. I would do cardio a few times a week but it was lifting that kept me coming back to the gym. Then in October, about halfway through the year, I found boxing. I had built up just enough endurance and strength that it was really fun.

I box three days a week and strength train the other three … Cardio is much easier now at 175 pounds and I’m hoping to do my first 5K this summer!”

—Olivia Sullivan, 28 (lost 100 pounds in one year)

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