14 Celebrities With Nose Jobs

The nose knows. It knows when there’s some cookies baking in the stove and it knows when you had a nose job.

Some celebrities have a keen sense of smell and others might have trouble breathing. Who are we to say their deviated septums are not serious medical emergencies? In a rhinoplasty, the surgeon usually makes incisions in the bones and cartilage that support the nose. The skin and tissue is redraped over the structure of the nose. Risks involve bleeding, injury to the septum, skin necrosis, and bursted blood vessels that appear as red dots on the nose. It sounds like oodles of fun. Let’s see who has done this to their sniffer.


14. Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton has a Soul Train award to her name but she also as a unique nose story to her name. She spoke with Blackenterprise.com about her serious situation. “I’ve had my nose done. I was born without cartilage in my nose and when I was 16 I had my first operation – an implant in my nose. The reason I had it done was because it was hard for me to breathe and I snored terribly,” said Braxton.

14 Celebrities With Nose Jobs Tamar Braxton


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