15 Nerdy Characters Who Are Stunning In Real Life

The following actresses are most well-known for playing nerdy characters in TV shows and films however, in real life they are anything but geeky. In fact, they are all smoking hot!

It turns out that we have been blinded by their glasses, poor dress sense and sensible hairstyles this whole time – which just goes to show that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


From The Big Bang Theory’s Bernadette to New Girl’s Jess, these beauties have been under our noses the whole time without us even realising.

Prepare to be left gob smacked after discovering how stunning these actresses who play nerds look like in reality.

15. Emily Bett Rickards aka Felicity Smoak – Arrow

15 Nerdy Characters Who Are Stunning In Real Life


Emily was originally signed as a one-episode guest star for Arrow, but her chemistry with the show’s star Stephen Amell coupled with positive fan reaction led to her securing herself as a regular character for the second season.

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