15 Everyday Things The Bible Bans But We Do Anyway

The Bible is the most widely read book in the history of mankind. This should come as no surprise since the Good Book has been the cornerstone of one of the largest religions on the planet. For this reason alone it deserves to be read by just about everyone, regardless of their spirituality.


The Bible is thousands of years old and contains numerous stories, parables, and guidelines for its followers to follow. Despite being one of the most widely cited religious texts in the world, people DO still ignore some of the things that it advocates.

We decided to look at the ten most NORMAL activities that the Bible bans but modern people regularly do anyway.

15. Premarital Sex

This has got to be the most obvious one. The rules are clear: if it is fun and involves doing it before marriage then you are in big trouble.

The Bible goes all out in its war on premarital sex and any sort of thinking that could lead men and women from purity and chastity. There are more than enough theological explanations for the banning of premarital sex but culturally we are sure it all comes back to power.


If you control the sexuality of your people then you can control where they get married for political or social gain. Either way, this is definitely one rule that is broken every moment by believers all of the world. No size of charity donation will change humanity’s most basic urge to procreate.

10 Everyday Things The Bible Bans But We Do Anyway

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