15 Everyday Things The Bible Bans But We Do Anyway

11. Buzzed Haircuts & Beard Trimming

Now, if we told you that the bible explicitly banned any sort of haircut you would probably roll your eyes and believe that we were being silly or mocking. We aren’t. I guess the Rastafarians had it right.


Leviticus 19:27 implores believers with the statement, “You shall not round off the side-growth of your head” which spells pretty explicit doom for many a hipster follower of Christ.

Buzzing the side of your head is a popular fashion style right now for men and women alike and it is a timeless look. If you are curious to see this sinful hair cut for yourself then take to your favorite search engine and use the keyword, “undercut”.

Do you think this hair cut should be banned from modern followers of the Bible? We like the look but we can understand the hate. Let’s look past the haircut and let our eyes trail down to beards. Leviticus 19:27 continues, “Neither shalt though mar the corners of they beard” which spells doom for almost all of us men out here. Better let your scraggly neck beard keep growing.


10 Everyday Things The Bible Bans But We Do Anyway

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