25 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

We all want to look good for as long as humanly possible. For celebrities that are raking in a lot of money, it can be a lot easier to afford plastic surgeries.

Most of these renovations on celebs “personal” real estate are not only noticeable, but downright terrible! Sure, some will do very minor corrections, but there are those who want to look like a cat or something else crazy— it’s as expensive as it is weird.
In this list, you will find out which celebrities spent the highest amounts of money on plastic surgeries.


You will also get to see some of the strangest transformations that have ever been documented in modern medicine. These days, it’s not that strange that people find the fountain of youth only a knife away appealing, but it hardly ever comes out right.

If you want a bigger butt or an injection that will make your lips look like you got stung by a bee, you can do it! But if you want it done correctly, you better go to a place like Beverly Hills instead of Tijuana, Mexico. A lot of people have made that mistake in an effort to save money.

So which celebrities emptied out their checkbooks in order to go under non-essential surgery, when most Americans can’t even afford medication? Here are the biggest plastic surgery splurges (splurgeries, if you will) that celebs have done to themselves.


#25 – Blake Lively ($7,300)

Blake Lively (wife of Ryan Reynolds) is certainly a beautiful gal, and is most recognized now from her recurring standout performance as Serena van der Woodsen in the hit T.V. series “Gossip Girl.” But Lively was the subject of some gossip on her own when she was seen with some questionable new facial features: she had gotten some rhinoplasty and, had undergone some skin treatment to help mask her freckles and blemishes! Lively originally denied that she work done, but as more and more people began to question the truth began to come out.

Lively didn’t just get her nose worked on to make it thinner, but her eyelids got some minor touch ups as well so they wouldn’t be so droopy; the 26 year old did the work to give her a new look and help promote her upcoming movies and drum up some attention since she would much rather be seen as a movie star” apparently the cost of becoming a move star starts at around seven and a half grand.

25 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Blake Lively

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