Chinese Dog Meat Vendor Dies After Shooting Himself With Poison Dart Used To Kill Dogs

Karma was exceptionally cruel to one dog meat vendor in Hunan province, China, who was killed after accidentally shooting himself with the same kind of poisoned dart he used to take down dogs.


The unidentified man ran a lucrative dog meat-selling operation along with five others, who’d later admitted to killing more than 1,000 canines to be sold to restaurants. The ringleader had reportedly been demonstrating how to use a crossbow when it suddenly went off, shooting a poisonous dart into his leg. He died on his way to the hospital, according to South China Morning Post.

The other members of the operation were later arrested, and confessed to freezing the canine carcasses with the intention of selling the meat to restaurants.

The lethal darts, when not in the hands of the hopelessly incompetent, are apparently very effective when it comes to hunting down strays. In December, it was reported that dog thieves in a Hubei village were killing up to eight dogs per day using 15-centimeter-long winged darts. As you might expect, however, this isn’t the first time the illegal business of poisoning dogs has resulted in human casualties.


Last year, a man in Guangdong province who’d gotten in a scuffle with a local villager ended up using one of his toxic syringes to kill him. Two years before, an animal-lover who’d stepped in to stop a dog-meat dealer became the target of a poisoned needle.

Most recently, in Shanghai, a man strangled a dog thief to death after discovering that his pet had been poisoned.
For those of you adventurous enough to taste dog meat in China—keep in mind how much of the toxic meat does end up making it to restaurants.