Chinese Man Makes A Living Being A Barack Obama Lookalike

A 29-year-old man in China has been making headlines recently for being a Barack Obama lookalike.

The migrant worker, Xiao Jiguo, first came under web users’ radar in 2012, when his friend uploaded a video of him singing online. Several netizens pointed out that he was a Barack Obama lookalike. He then decided to try and capitalize on it.


obama gzman barack obama lookalike 2

In the past four years, Xiao has grown in popularity by making appearances on talent shows, TV series and an internet sitcom.

He’s now undergoing cosmetic surgery to slightly tweak his looks and appear even more like Obama, according to The Global Times.


Xiao has never met Obama and doesn’t understand most of what Obama does. He can’t say what “Obamacare” entails, nor does he know much about the American political system. But he looks similar enough to the US president for most people.

“In order to imitate Obama, besides waxing my eyebrows, I only need a shirt, a tie and a black suit to get by, anywhere,” he told media.

To better ‘get into role’ Xiao’s been studying more about the president, learning English and has even started memorizing his inauguration speech.


Xiao joins the likes of Kim Jong Uns, Xi Jinpings, Mao Zedongs and other lookalikes in China who’ve made a livelihood off their fortunate appearances.