Christian Fundamentalist Pulls Knife On Prostitute, Says He Wants To ‘Cleanse Her Of Sins’

A fundamentalist Christian man lured a female escort into a hotel room, made her take off all her clothes, robbed her, then attempted to attack her with a fruit knife, saying he was going to “cleanse her of her sins” according to Liberty Times.

The incident took place in Taiwan. The long-term unemployed, 42 year-old man later told police that he heard the Lord telling him during his prayer time three years ago to “cleanse the sins of a prostitute with blood”. He went out and bought a fruit knife from a local supermarket for more than 200 NTD ($6), but waited all these years to act.


Christian fundamentalist in Taiwan pulls knife on prostitute 2

Christian fundamentalist in Taiwan pulls knife on prostitute 3

The man, identified by the surname Shi, attempted to flee when the hotel staff, alerted by her screams, rushed to help her. Police questioned whether the man, who claimed to be a “messenger from God” had a history of mental illness. He told them during examination that “My head is very clear”. They decided to charge him for robbery and recommended that prosecutors send him for medical examination.


The incident happened one month ago in Wanhua district of New Taipei City, although footage of the scene was only recently released. The female victim, identified by the surname Dai, survived the incident.