Dad Tells Son To Keep His Head Down. What He Does Next? It’s Going VIRAL

This video has been going viral recently for a very positive reason. At first you might actually look at the video with some level of disdain because the father seems to be embarrassing his son for the whole world to see but in the end, things take a turn in a different direction.


There has been a rise in videos showing parents embarrassing their children for misbehaving and many people are divided over this type of parenting. Some think it’s creative and effective, while others believe it’s unnecessary and over-the-top. The dad below belongs to the latter group, and his powerful message is now going viral.

Wayne, a dad from Florida, recently posted the video below. It’s already received over 19 million views on Facebook! Wayne believes it’s because people are looking for “an authentic display of love from a father to his son.”

I’m not going to spoil the video for those who haven’t seen it yet. Just press play and prepare to hear a heartfelt message from a father.