Donald Trump’s Biggest Business Failures

If you’ve been listening to Donald Trump on the campaign trail, then you’ve probably heard him boast that he’s worth around $10 billion (USD). If you believe the reporting that Forbes does, then you might’ve noticed that his net worth is actually only half that, sitting at around $4 billion.


Trump, of course, loves to exaggerate his business exploits, trying to convince people that he’s truly the business expert that he purports to be. However, a cursory look at his business history reveals a string of ill-guided ventures and less than savvy investments. In short, Donald Trump is that charlatan and dangerous demagogue many claim that he is.

So, what are these HUGE business failures, exactly? Let’s take a look.

9. Trump Ice

If you’ve ever been to one of Trump’s casinos, then you’ve encountered a bottle of Trump Ice, the Donald’s version of bottled water. Feeling that casino patrons simply couldn’t get enough of his signature dihydrogen oxide, he tried to bring Trump Ice to the general market.


Customers weren’t buying it.


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