Humans Once Believed These Animals Existed, #2 Will Crack You Up

We, humans have an excellent time imagining things.

We are creative beings after all. It was yesterday when I was sitting with my niece, and I saw her draw a giant horned rabbit on her sheet. From fur-bearing trout to a giant horned rabbit, people have a lot of imaginary animals.


Let’s got through some of the mythical animals that have been prevalent for a long time now.

#7 Unicorn

The majestic unicorn makes an appearance in the Bible (Numbers 24:8), medieval text, and a number of other places throughout history. Even Roman historians believed in the existence of unicorns. While these stories are incredible, it’s impossible to know what animal unicorns were mistaken to be. Unfortunately, unicorns never existed despite numerous accounts.

Humans Once Believed These Animals Existed


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