Under the Knife – 16 Celebs Who Took Plastic Surgery Too Far

Plastic surgery is becoming more common these days for bettor or for worse. The body image being pressed on women by the media is an almost impossible reality, even more so when you consider the effects of age.

It’s not surprising that so many celebrities are choosing to surgically reconfigure their faces and bodies. Although plastic surgery has made giant strides over the last couple of decades, there are still some people who either get it wrong or do it way too much, with the end result being that they look like someone frightened a pufferfish. Let us celebrate these unfortunate few…



Vice President and Chief designer of the Versace group, Donatella will never have to worry about money. We just wish she weren’t spending the majority of that money on plastic surgeries.

Donatella’s face has changed so drastically it’s difficult to recognize the fashion mogul. She used to have such a natural beauty, it’s a shame that her desire to remain impervious to aging has destroyed much of those good looks.

Under the Knife – 16 Celebs Who Took Plastic Surgery Too Far


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