Miracle Cat Somehow Survives Being Shot Over 30 Times

Black cats are supposed to be unlucky, but this little guy is unbelievably lucky to be alive after being shot more than 30 times with a shotgun.

Three-year-old Puss Puss was found covered in blood and dragging her paws after disappearing from her home in Ardleigh, Essex, for a week, reports Sky News.


She was rushed to a vet, where they discovered she was riddled with over 30 pellet wounds.

Miraculously, RSPCA inspectors say she will survive, though she will have to have one eye removed.

Miracle Cat Somehow Survives Being Shot Over 30 Times


Inspector Adam Jones said:

We were shocked to find that Puss-Puss was peppered with such an extraordinary number of pellet wounds all over her body and head.

One was in her paw, making it hard for her to walk, and another in the middle of her eye – causing a detached retina.

The vet said two had just missed her spinal cord and it is a miracle she survived.

Puss-Puss’s owner, Doug Taw, said he found her terrified, crouching under a car.

Miracle Cat Somehow Survives Being Shot Over 30 Times

He said:

She ran off and we couldn’t find her for a week. I was beside myself with worry.

Then she eventually dragged herself back in a terrible state and we rushed her straight to the vet.

It is heartbreaking seeing her in such a distressed state, and I am so upset that she will now lose her eye.

It really is unbelievable how people could treat an animal like that and the RSPCA have appealed for anyone with any information about the attack on Puss Puss to contact them on 0300 123 8018.

Let’s hope the culprits are caught.