People Are Accusing Taylor Swift Of Getting Butt Implants Because Of This Photo

The actual chance that Taylor Swift got bum implants is pretty unlikely, but we can see why people are thinking that.

Stepping out on iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet on Sunday Night, she sported a very pert behind – very unlike the, shall we say, flatter bum we’re used to seeing.


And it’s causing people to flip out.

ZAMB 383

For a comparison, here’s Taylor around the same time last year:



Something’s definitely gone on there. Here’s a closer one.


My guess says she’s been in the gym A LOT lately, or maybe opted for some butt pads. But the Internet, as they always do, had their own opinion about what went on back there – and of course they didn’t hold back.

Whatever is is – squats, pads, implants, or maybe just an optical illusion – Taylor Swift now has an ass.