Rob Kardashian’s Family Worried Blac Chyna Is Using Him

There are a lot of reasons why Rob Kardashian’s family would be protective over the 29-year-old’s relationship with Blac Chyna — he’s the only son, he’s carrying on the family name, and he’s vulnerable.

And though the Kardashians’ problem with Rob’s fiancée Blac Chyna may indeed stem from concerns over money and power, it may also have a lot to do with Kylie Jenner!


“Khloé and Kylie think Chyna is desperate, thirsty and playing with Rob’s head,” a source tells People. “They’re also concerned she is after his money and that she is dying to stay relevant and get back at Kylie by being with Rob.

In other words, an 18-year-old is leading the pack when it comes to this family feud! It sounds like Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga — Chyna’s ex and father of her 3-year-old son King Cairo — is pretty important to the K-crew.

Rob Kardashian’s Family Worried Blac Chyna Is Using Him


Plus, that two-year-old grudge about the teen allegedly stealing the rapper from his baby mama is still going strong.

But don’t think it’s just those two sisters who have an issue with the engagement, which happened while the rest of the family was on vacation in Vail, Colorado.

Rob Kardashian’s Family Worried Blac Chyna Is Using Him

While the 27-year-old model has been helping her formerly reclusive beau get healthy, they’re still “really not into the engagement.”

The insider adds, “As far as they’re concerned, Blac Chyna will never be a Kardashian.”

So there you have it. If this wedding does actually happen, don’t expect a Keeping Up With the Kardashians special — they might not even show up!