The Mother-Daughter Duo Who Spent Over $80,000 to Have Plastic Surgery Together

The mother-daughter team that gets plastic surgery together.

Meet Georgina Clarke, 38 and her daughter, 20-year-old Kayla from the UK. As you can tell by the above photo, they are going for more of the sister-sister vibe instead of a parent-child kind of look. And that aesthetic did not come cheap.


According to News Dog Media, Kayla and Georgina have spent roughly £56,000 (over $86,000 USD) on plastic surgery so they could look like their idol, model Katie Price. They also spend about over $7,000 a year to keep that pumpkin glow that can only come from tanning beds, plus thousands of dollars on keeping up with their hair extensions, nails and makeup.

How do they afford this kind of lifestyle? Kayla pays for both of their plastic surgery procedures from the money she gets from stripping and from sugar daddies, a tactic she’s been using since the age of 17.

Georgina said:-


“I’m so lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my treatments. I don’t mind her having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for our cosmetic work because we’re living the dream. I’m really proud of her.”

plastic surgery together

They’ve already spent a fortune on boob jobs, butt implants, lip injections, facial reconstruction and Botox, but Kayla says that the closeness she feels with her mother is what’s really priceless.

“Plastic surgery is a way of bonding for us as mum and daughter,” she says. “We want to have bigger boobs, bigger bums and look even more like Barbies. My mum is my best friend. I love treating her to plastic surgery and getting closer to our dream of looking more like Katie Price. I love the way we look now. ”

When Kayla was just a little girl, Georgina was not as obsessed with her looks as she was today. All she cared about was looking after her four kids: Kayla, Amber, 19, Keisha, 13, and Romeo, six.

“I didn’t care about my looks and I didn’t wear make-up. I had mousy brown hair, which I just put up into a pony tail. I was quite shy and I felt like I wasn’t anything special,” Georgina says. That all changed when she saw a photo of Katie Price in the paper. Now, they are focused on planning future surgeries and securing the finances to maintain their look.

“Unfortunately six months ago, my sugar daddy’s wife found out about our relationship and regretfully, we had to end our arrangement,” reveals Kayla. “But I’m looking for a new sugar daddy who wants to help finance my cosmetic work. I’m not interested in men at the moment, I’m just interested in plastic surgery and becoming who I want to be. I will do whatever it takes for me and my mum.”

Can someone please send over a list of healthier mother-daughter activities for these two to participate in that don’t involve plastic surgery or harmful UV rays? Might we suggest a book club or taking a yoga class together?