They’re Alone In The Elevator. When The Camera Caught Him Doing This, It Went VIRAL!

I have never retired from anything in my life so I don’t really know how it feels. However, I can assume that it’s a bittersweet feeling especially if you really love your job.


In the video below we see deputy Tony Scherb of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in an elevator. At the time the video was taken he was on the verge of retirement but the officer who is very well known for being “highly professional” decided that he would go out with a bang and that’s exactly what he did.

After 29 years of professionalism at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Sherb broke out in dance in the elevator to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

The awesome footage has since gone viral with over three million views. People everywhere are falling in love with the man and his moves and I’m sure you will too. See how it all went down.