This Chinese Yulin Dog Meat Festival Must Be Stopped, Will See Slaughter Of 10,000 Dogs

Last year, at The Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, over 10,000 dogs were burned or boiled alive and up to 500,000 pounds of dog meat was consumed. This has to stop.

Despite heavy protests, this festival continues to happen whether authorities ban it or not. Dogs from all over China, many of which are domesticated and have collars, are snatched, thrown into cages and sent across country to Yulin.


The festival is held in Guangxi province and is a celebration of the June solstice in which thousands of dogs are traded, killed and then eaten either on the street or packaged to be eaten later at home. No protestors have ever succeeded in completely preventing the festival from happening and this year will see thousands more dogs slaughtered alive as punters watch.


Something has to be done about this. And there is something we CAN do. Countless celebrities are now getting on board, as is the ever-concerned Ricky Gervais, who this week posted some extremely graphic content on Twitter in order to raise awareness.


Warning: The following content IS extremely graphic and could be upsetting to some.



These dogs are held in crowded cages without food or water until they are eventually killed and often beaten in front of other terrified animals.

Last year, thanks to overwhelming international pressure (pressure much like this), Yulin authorities announced that they would not support the festival, and more recently have claimed that the festival wouldn’t happen again. But this simply doesn’t work. The word needs to be taken higher because without increased pressure, we can assure you it will continue.