This Homeless Dad Is On The Street With His Daughter. How New Yorkers Treat Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

Coby Persin, outside of pranks, shoots a lot of social experiments exposing the goodness of society, especially towards homeless people. I can recall a few that completely surprised me because I always tend to expect the worse of strangers.

So, in one of his newest videos regarding homeless people I instantly assumed “Oh yeah, the kind people of New York City will definitely choose to help the homeless dad as opposed to the homeless drunk. DUHHH!!!”


But I couldn’t be any more wrong.

The goal of Coby Persin’s experiment was to see what type of homeless person New Yorkers were more likely to give to — a man asking for money for his family, or a man asking for money for drugs and alcohol. The results were shocking!

When Coby pretended to be a homeless drug addict, the donations came pouring in. However, when he pretended to be a homeless father, not one person stopped to help. That is, until another homeless woman walked by and put everyone else to shame with her kindness.


The results of this video were definitely a shocker but also an eye-opener. Check it out below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.