Transgender Plastic Surgery Addict Spent $72,000 on Procedures (VIDEO)

Fluvia Pellegrino waited four entire decades to announce she was transgender. So when the 56 year old was finally able to become the woman she had always dreamed of, she became a plastic surgery addict.

Now, 16 years after coming out, the Italian citizen has spent about $72,000 on procedures, and wants to do more, according to a shocking video.


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Transgender Plastic Surgery Addict Spent $72,000 on Procedures (VIDEO)

The Peveragno, Italy resident told Barcroft TV she has undergone four breast augmentations, over 150 rounds of lip and cheek fillers, and two sessions of liposuction.


The body obsessive, who realized she was transgender at the young age of 15, has spent nearly $10,000 of her rising tab on surgeries for her butt alone.

Although Fluvia admits she is “obsessed” with becoming the perfect woman, she has still held on to her “male attributes,” which she says are out of commission due to hormone therapy.

The nipped-and-tucked lady’s wife, Marisa, still isn’t interested in a “sexual rapport” with her partner.

The second Pellegrino woman stood by her longtime love, whom she met 32 years ago, after she came out and has created a beautiful sisterly relationship you need to see to believe.

We hope Fluvia will one day be happy with the body she has.