Woman Plans To Marry A Dog After Previous Husband, A Cat Died

A serial pet-wife has announced her intentions to marry a dog, after her previous husband, a cat, died.

Dominique Lesbriel, 41, intends to marry a dog. Dominique married her pet cat Doerack eight years ago, but unfortunately he had to be put down. The cat suffered from kidney failure at 19. The grieving period didn’t last too long though. She’s already found new love with her pet dog Travis. She plans to wed him when the time is right, but says it’s too soon to jump into marriage just yet.


Dominique also runs a service marrying other people to their pets. Not surprisingly, she’s received criticism, and even death threats, from people who think that she’s promoting bestiality, but she says she’d never condone anything like that:

“I would never condone such terrible acts of cruelty to animals. My site is all about making a commitment to pets to show your dedication to them and promise that you will always look after them.”



And it’s bad news if you want to marry Simba, as she only weds domestic pets:

“I’m happy to conduct same sex marriages, or to let people marry more than one pet. I only marry domestic animals, though. In some parts of the world, you hear of people keeping lions and tigers as pets – I wouldn’t marry people to them.”

Thank god for that.

This article was previously reported by Metro.