The World’s 13 Most Guarded Places, And Their Dark Secrets

Only a select few know what’s really going on inside the most guarded places on the globe.

These high-security facilities, hidden bunkers and super-safe vaults all over the world hold very valuable secrets.


13. The Mormon Church Vault

Oddly, the vault where the Mormon Church houses its documents is one of the world’s most secure places.

You aren’t breaking into this place under any means. The vault has been dug out of a granite mountainside and it is constantly guarded. Urban legend holds that it also has motion and heat sensors.

The Granite Mountain facilities feature a dry, environment-controlled facility used for long-term record storage, as well as administrative offices, shipping and receiving docks, a processing facility and restoration laboratory for microfilm.


Records stored include genealogical and family history information contained in over 2.4 million rolls of microfilm and 1 million microfiche. This equals about three billion pages of family history records. The vault’s library of microfilm increases by up to 40,000 rolls per year. Since 1999, the church has been digitizing the genealogical microfilms stored in the vault. The church makes the records publicly available through itsFamily History Centers, as well as online at its FamilySearch website.

The World's 13 Most Guarded Places, And Their Dark Secrets

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