The World’s 13 Most Guarded Places, And Their Dark Secrets

12. New York Federal Reserve

They say that around 25 percent of the world’s gold — that’s one-fourth, for anyone who’s estimating — is stored here. That’s a monumentally expensive sum, and that’s why the vault is underground. It’s buried 50 feet below sea level, and the entire perimeter of the property is manned by trained marksmen.


It is reputedly the largest gold repository in the world (though this cannot be confirmed as Swiss banks do not report their gold stocks) and holds approximately 7,000 tonnes (7,700 short tons) of gold bullion ($415 billion as of October 2011), more than Fort Knox.

Nearly 98% of the gold at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is owned by the central banks of foreign nations. The rest is owned by the United States and international organizations such as the IMF. The Federal Reserve Bank does not own the gold but serves as guardian of the precious metal, which it stores at no charge to the owners.

The World's 13 Most Guarded Places, And Their Dark Secrets


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