World’s Largest Great White Shark Swimming With Divers

New footage has emerged of the largest great white shark ever recorded, and it’s massive. This guy is seriously terrifying!

Her name is Deep Blue, and she is the stuff of nightmares owing to her whopping size. Deep Blue is the largest great white shark ever recorded.


Scroll down for video.

A research team off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico, captured footage of the 20ft-long great white shark and now further images of Deep Blue have gone viral, showing her enormous size in all of its spine-chilling glory.

The researchers first released a video in 2014, when they recorded the latest images, but Mauricio Hoyos Padilla allegedly lost the footage on his computer.


It’s a somewhat ironic thought that this shark, with her size, could get lost anywhere. Thankfully, two years later the video has been found and what lurks off the coast of Guadalupe has been confirmed.

Great whites are widely argued to have an undeserved reputation as man-eaters – the Florida Museum of Natural History’s Shark Attack File attributes only 13 fatalities in U.S. waters from 1916 to 2011 to the terror inducing beast.

But, even with that knowledge, credit must go to the diver brave enough to exit the safety of the cage and swim with Deep Blue, the largest great white ever filmed.